Men's Collection - Sleep Cap - ORGANIC Bamboo - Granite Gray Large


$19.90 $21.90

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL HATS -  for men (or women with larger head size).

PERFECT FOR ANY SEASON - fabric breathes - not too hot, not too cold, just right!

This cap is soft, comfy and cozy.  Made of a very soft Organic Bamboo knit fabric- lightweight and terrific anytime.  Also, perfect for sleeping.  My head got so cold at night.  Stretchy and comfortable! 

LARGE -head sizes 22.6 in and larger

SUPER nice against the scalp in an expensive Organic Bamboo Fabric!

Nice feel against your head.  Very comforting. 

Machine wash gentle - a few minutes in the dryer!

FREE SHIPPING to USA.  I ship within 24 hours.

Made in USA

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