Men's Lightweight Super Soft Organic Bamboo 2 Darker Gray, Medium Gray - 1 Lighter Gray ...Small/Medium & Large


$49.90 $51.90


SET OF 3 CAPS - You get 2 darker gray caps and 1 lighter gray cap.

Organic bamboo knit fabric so soft against the scalp!  SUPER SOFT... BESTSELLERS ON ALL OF MY VENUES.

-PERFECT FIT as these caps offer a lot of stretch - Size Large fits heads 23 to 26 inches and Size Sm/Medium first heads 20.5 to 22.5 inches. Does not feel confining or tight - you will NOT get that headache feeling with these caps!

-PERFECT FABRIC - Breathable fabric caps are not confining but are made to bring comfort with their buttery soft feel and supple fabric.  Customers LOVE these caps!  Soothing to a tender scalp undergoing hair loss.  

-PERFECT FOR ANY CLIMATE - Lightweight yet not too cold or not too warm - just right - Terrific for lounging, sleeping, or any other activities.

-PERFECT design as MADE IN USA by a cancer survivor who understands your needs.   Plus, my sister and I spent 2 years collectively in chemo caps!  We know and understand what you need!

Machine wash, a few minutes in the dryer.

Recent testimonials from  customers - 

These are fantastic caps. My husband wears them constantly.  I am back for more.  Thank you for having these! 

I'm back for my third set of these caps.  I wear them morning, noon and night.  Before finding these caps, nothing could compare.  I have a tough chemo regimen including hospitalization and these are lifesavers.  Thank you!

I purchased 4 different styles of cancer caps from another hat company.  These are by far the best and most comfortable.  I like them because they are not too bulky.  They look like I'm just trying to be in style and not a cancer patient.  No one stares at me!  Thank you!

I got these for a gift and my favorite gift.  They do not make my head too hot, easy to sleep with, and I wear them all day.  I'm back to buy more!  Thanks for knowing what I needed!










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