Energy is certainly depleted and in short supply during Chemotherapy and all cancer treatment.  .

Energy Beanies project that much-needed energy and confidence with their beautiful designer Brushed Bamboo fabrics and simple yet very stylish design!  The comfort from these Energy Beanies are so soothing and comforting to your scalp both during the emotional hair loss process and the growing back excitement!  The Energy Beanies™ bring lots of stretch, too, but are not constricting!  They will fit head sizes from 21.5 inches to 24 inches!  You will be so glad you purchased these great Energy Beanies.  I developed Energy Beanies™ from first-hand experience - my sister and I went through 32 rounds of chemotherapy - that's a lot of bald.

Made in USA with super soft, gorgeous, comfortable, moisture wicking Brushed Bamboo fabrics. PERFECT for any time or any place and in any season!  You will not be disappointed with the gentle feel against the scalp yet vibrancy they project.