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Welcome to Hello Courage -- we care because we have been there! 

Within 3 years, myself, my mom, and sister were all diagnosed with Breast Cancer (no previous family history).  My sister and I were Stage 3 and our mom was Stage 1.  We have been through 32 rounds of chemotherapy, months of radiation, Herceptin, mastectomies, DIEP Flap, lumpectomies, lymphedema, aromatase inhibitor drugs and collectively about 250 medical appointments and counting!  

This picture was taken recently in Las Vegas - our "we all survived Breast Cancer" vacation to celebrate!!  L TO R - Mom, Diann (hair growing back), and me (Denise).

Sending my best wishes to you!  If you are a Breast Cancer patient, check out my BLOG at the top of the home page. I have written over 200 posts about breast cancer treatment. Or if you have a question about headwear, need a listening ear, advice or encouragement, feel free to email me at hellocourage@live.com.  

Denise McCroskey

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