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 Hi Denise! I want to thank you for your amazing chemo headwear, customer service, and genuine concern for other cancer patients. 

I had previously ordered a set of 3 Men's Bamboo beanies for my son.  I was so grateful that I found headwear that he LOVES to wear.  He said they are very comfortable, warm (not too hot), and they are his favorite hats to wear!! He asked me to order him some more! 😍
Thank you again for providing a perfect hat for those who are experiencing a tremendously difficult time in their lives.  It means a great deal to all of us.  God bless you.
Cindy B.

Denise, I will never forget your lovely hats and your kindness.  My hats are lovely and you gave me hope.  Thank you!   Pam


Wow, thank you so much. I’m so pleased with you and your company and will recommend you to anyone I come across.    Jeff from Florida

OHMYGOSH, love my new Sun Hat!  I am getting so many compliments! I love the lightweight fabrics and how soft it is against my sore scalp!  THANK YOU!

Judy from Illinois

I just opened the package with the FOUR beautiful organic bamboo caps you sent.  Denise, they are beautiful, and I absolutely LOVE the light blue (It is exactly what I was hoping for, kind of a silvery blue) and the cream.  The navy and slate grey are very smart and will be perfect with a couple of my sport coats.  
You are helping transform embarrassment & unsightliness into style and in fact to a look where people are complimenting me on my headwear.  
Thank you for your work and for your generosity!!  L.

Love, Love, Love the Sun Hats!  SO CUTE and adjustable too!  I'm back for more.  They are so cool and comfortable.  Perfect for our humid summers!  Thank you for the super fast shipping.  Mary from Missouri

Denise, the Cozy Collection Caps are a lifesaver!  When I started to lose my hair I wore them day and night for 3 days.  No hair in my house or bed!  I am shaving my head tonight and I know these will be my "go to caps" at home and to sleep in.  So comfortable and cute.  Thank you! Kathy

I live in British Columbia, Canada and could not find cancer hats locally.  I ordered from you even though you were in USA.  My first order arrived in 9 days and my second in 6 days!  I am SO HAPPY with all of them!  They are comfortable and make my difficult treatment much better.  Thank you, Denise!

Hello Denise,
My nephew and his wife
sent me  caps, which arrived today to wear
on my newly buzzed head.
I've been in the hospital under going
an intense chemo regimen to treat
acute myeloid leukemia.  
People had provided various caps and beanies, but yours are far and away
the most comfortable. It was just 2 days ago that the hair was getting messy
so to avoid the annoyance to myself and others I opted to buzz it down.
Cannot actually shave because AML treatment pretty much takes away the immune
I cannot get over how nice the caps feel.  
Just wanted you to know, this hit the spot.
Treatment is going well, friends and family
have blown me away with loving support and good humor.
Thank you,

I just wanted to send you a thank you for making quality, comfortable hats. I am a 20 year old college student who was diagnosed with lymphoma in May, and I have yet to find caps as comfortable as your Cozy Collection! The grey one is my absolute favorite, and I live in it. I even bought an extra to wear when it is in the wash! Never expected to feel comfortable and confident without hair, but your hats definitely help! Thanks so much - Alyssa :)

I am back for more - the ease of ordering and your quick service are wonderful.  Thank you for helping cancer patients during such a difficult time.  The compliments I am receiving because of your headwear, makes me feel better!  Thank you!

Denise - The comfort of your product exceeds other that I have tried.  This is my 3rd order, and I love your products.  Since my alopecia universalis may not reverse itself, it is terrific to find such comfort.

I just wanted to let you know that I cried when I received the items I ordered.  I was crying tears of joy with each one I placed on my head.  It is hard enough to be going through the cancer treatments.  I wanted the hats to make me feel good. They did just that.   I just wanted to let you know that you made my day.  I also received compliments on them when I went for radiation.  I am bringing in your business card to them and they are going to include the card in the bag they give new patients.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Wow, quick service and great hats - terrific!  You made me feel better!! THANK YOU!

Thanks so much for my hats and the FAST service.  I got them in 6 days - I live in Ontario, Canada.   I am so happy with all of them.  Many thanks!

I was hoping I would be one of the lucky ones who didn't lose her hair - but I did.  Thank you for being there for me.  My daughters picked out which hat I should wear first after they shaved my head!  It wasn't as bad as I thought as your hats brought me comfort and hope!  Thank you so much!

Thanks very much for my order!   I am so so happy with my scarves and hats.  Special thanks for black cap.   It's very useful and a lovely gift from you. I will be placing another order with you  many thanks    MaryI 

I was SHOCKED when I got my hats and scarves so quickly as I live in British Columbia, Canada.  They are all beautiful and stylish!  They lift my spirits so much.  THANK YOU!

Denise, I received my beautiful scarves today!  I LOVES THEM!  Thank you so much for your fast shipping.

LOVE my budget collection hats - I am ordering more today!  They are so comfortable - I wear them to sleep too!  Thank you for what you do!!

Thank you for your FAST SHIPPING - LOVE all my hats!  Thank you so much!  They are soft and comfortable against my tender headG and service.  I appreciate it!

I have to write and let you know how wonderful this cap is! My friend was upset about loosing her hair, so we started looking for caps for her and were overwhelmed with all the choices, but we are so glad she chose your cap to try. It's a beautiful pattern, fits perfectly and she loves it! You're amazingly fast shipping and personal touch with the card was much appreciated. Please let us know if you have any other patterns available as she wants a couple more!
Thank You Again,

I've gotten so many compliments on my Hello Courage hats!  Thank you so much!  I love all of them. 

Hello Denise,I wanted to let you know I received all my beautiful chemo caps and scarfs.  They are everything you said they would be.  I'm not a frou-frou type gal and didn't know the first thing about tying scarves.  These give me variety and are so simple to use and I could order several because I didn't have to take out a bank loan!  Thank you so much.

Denise - Just received my word...gorgeous!  Thank you so much!

Denise - Thank you for your personal attention. Your chemo hats are the best I have purchased so far. They are very comfortable for sleeping as well as lounging around the house. I wear them during my chemo treatments. They are the only ones that my hair halo fits under comfortably. Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy and healthy New Year. I look forward to doing business with you again.


From a customer down under in Australia - Thanks for the hats Denise!  I have received many compliments especially from the French Collection hat.


I am loving my Wicking Sleepwear - Hot Flash Pajamas!  I cannot get over how much better I am sleeping as I have hot flashes constantly.  THANK YOU!

Thank you so very much for the hats!   I LOVE THEM!  They are beautiful and make me

feel pretty even though I feel awful.  I am grateful, Denise.

Denise -Your hats are beautiful and I love that they don't scream "chemo".  I will wear them beyond cancer.

Denise - My hat and scarf arrived and I love them both. Just so happens I wore the scarf to my AC #3 and got lots of compliments. I told them all about your blog, acts of kindness and perfect little shop Hello Courage. Again, thank you for having the courage to write honestly about your breast cancer and for having the giant heart to reach out to strangers and brighten their way. Xoxo


Denise - you have marvelous hats (I have 5 of them) and your Blog got me through chemo.  My husband and I and our two children thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

I love all my hats!  I am constantly getting compliments on them which makes me feel so good during this tough time! Thank you!

My sister absolutely LOVED the chemo caps.  She and I will be buying more soon!  Thanks for such great products!

I got them!  .......I am gonna rock chemo in my new hats!  Thanks Denise.....great job!

This is my third order for chemo caps.  I keep coming back for more because they are so comfortable, well made, and affordable.  THANK YOU!

The breast pillow is amazing!  Just what I needed and will continue to need - use it daily!  Thank you!

Denise - just wanted to let you know that I received my order....thanks so much...the chemo caps are all beautiful and thank you for your encouraging words.

Hello. I've bought several of your caps and they're wonderful. Thank you for helping those of us who are in the midst of this. Your own success and happiness is inspiring and appreciated.


Today I received the chemo caps in the mail. They came so quickly, which was really nice.  I hate wearing a wig. It itches so much. I have scarves and hats, and they all bug me, as all hats do. I was excited to see how these chemo caps felt. I popped one on my head and immediately knew I'd found my answer. SO comfortable. In fact, I still have it on hours later, when usually the moment I walk in the room I take whatever is on my head, OFF! I have a  large head and these still fit comfortably. I'm so happy with them, that I just ordered two more.   Thank you!

Dear hellocourage,
I love the Breast Pillow.  II had a mastectomy on my right breast last year and it's still very sensitive.  The pillow will be a big help. thanks a million.

Just had to email you about the chemo caps! I’ve been getting so many “oohs” and “aahs” over my stylish headdresses that I just had to order two more. Who needs wigs and scarves. I get out of bed, slap on a chemo cap and am ready to go!

Ahhhh, chemo cap is so comfy and soft and no pressure on my ears and glasses. Thank you!!

Thank you for your kindness & for blessing cancer patients with your products.  She was so excited to receive your caps, especially the dog one.  She is such an animal lover.

The tote bag is great.  Just as described!  

My Hello Courage T Shirt says it all.  I will be ordering more.

The Warrior Survivor Necklace is beautiful!!   Super quick shipping.  Thank you!

What a cute chemo cap! 

The COURAGE inspirational subway sign is wonderful.  So much more than I expected!

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Anne Klein bracelet.  Fast delivery!    

LOVE the tote bag, REALLY nice features!  Flat bottom, zip top, ADJUSTABLE straps (great idea!, place for water bottle, etc.  

My friend LOVED the cross necklace and was so happy I bought it for her!  Thank you! I LOVE my Cherokee COURAGE Necklace!!   I posted it on Facebook!!  !  Thank you the ruffled chemo caps are amazing! 


Amazing work on the sign.  She loved it!  Thank you!

The perfect gift for a cancer patient!  Thanks so much!

So much nicer than I even thought!  WOW!