Hello Courage Story

Hello Courage was born because myself, my mom and sister were all diagnosed with Breast Cancer within 3 years - my sister and I were Stage 3, our mom was Stage 1.  We know the long, challenging, overwhelming road - times three!  Hello Courage is my purpose - to bring you hope and encouragement while in the midst of treatment.  If you are a cancer patient, check out my BLOG at the top of the home page.  I have written over 200 informative posts about breast cancer and cancer treatment outlining my own experiences for treatment for Stage 3 Triple Positive Breast Cancer.  I write to give you information, hope and encouragement!

While in the midst of chemotherapy,  I found that wearing attractive head wear made me feel so much better physically and emotionally.  Head wear was hard to find that was both comfortable and affordable so my Blog grew to offer head wear and gifts for cancer patients.

Collectively, we have been through 32 rounds of chemotherapy, months of radiation, Herceptin, two mastectomies, DIEP Flap reconstruction, two lumpectomies, lymphedema, aromatase inhibitor drugs and collectively about 250 medical appointments and counting!  We didn't think we would ever make it through, but WE DID it by the team approach.  We are now 6 years, 4 years, and 3 years out and celebrating every day!

L TO R - Mom, Diann (hair growing back), and me (Denise).

Sending my best wishes to you!  if you have a question about head wear, need a listening ear, or encouragement in any way, please email me at hellocourage@live.com.  

Denise McCroskey,

Founder of Hello Courage