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Two Sisters and a Mom - all diagnosed with Breast Cancer (no previous family history) within 3 years.  That is why Hello Courage was born! We have been through 32 rounds of chemotherapy, months of radiation, Herceptin, 2 mastectomies, DIEP Flap, 2 lumpectomies, lymphedema, aromatase inhibitor drugs and collectively about 250 medical appointments and counting!  

Our hats, scarves and caps are COMFORTABLE, SOFT and AFFORDABLE!

This picture was taken recently in Las Vegas - our "we all survived Breast Cancer" vacation to celebrate!!  L TO R - Mom, Diann (hair growing back), and me (Denise).

Sending our best wishes to you!  If you are a Breast Cancer patient, check out my BLOG at the top of the home page. I have written over 200 posts about breast cancer treatment. Or if you have a question about headwear, need a listening ear, advice or encouragement, feel free to email me at hellocourage@live.com.  

Denise McCroskey