Men's Collection - Camouflage - Size Small, Medium or Large, Super Soft


$20.90 $24.90

This cap is soft, comfy and cozy.  Made of a very soft bamboo knit fabric - lightweight and terrific anytime.  Also, perfect for sleeping.   It is wonderful!

Two sizes

Small/Medium under 22.5 inches

Large over 22.5 inches

SEE DIAGRAM on how to measure head size


WORTH THE MONEY!!!  Customers rave about these - especially men!!  This note from John R - 

Hello Denise,
My nephew and his wife
sent me this cap, which arrived today to wear
on my newly buzzed head.
I've been in the hospital under going
an intense chemo regimen to treat
acute myeloid leukemia.  People had provided various caps and beanies, but yours is far and away the most comfortable.
I cannot get over how nice the cap feels. This is a multi shades of blue gray, with white
kind of horizontal lines making up the pattern.  Good looking beanie. 
Just wanted you to know, this hit the spot.
Treatment is going well, friends and family
have blown me away with loving support and good humor.
Thank you!  John R 

Nice feel against your head.  Very comforting. 

Roomy and stretchy - not confining.  Can be pulled down, rolled up, or however you like.

Very comforting cap!  

Machine wash gentle - a few minutes in the dryer!

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