Cozy Collection - 3 hats - Luxury Organic Bamboo - Black, Navy, Purple Large


$43.90 $45.99

SET OF 3 CAPS - YOU GET ALL 3 - EVERY woman who loses her hair because of chemo needs these caps!  I am not exaggerating!  These are the go to, around the house, in the car, at the infusion NECESSITY!   

 They are cool, comforting, and cute!  If you wear a wig, these hats are SO SOOTHING to your head after wig wearing!   I loved these hats when I was in chemo as did my sister!  These are really a MUST...especially when your hair first starts to fall out - these will give comfort against your sore scalp.  (it really does have a weird hurt!  It goes away!)

CUSTOMER FAVORITE - perfect for anything!  And any climate!!

Made of a very soft cotton BAMBOO knit fabric- lightweight and terrific anytime.  

Also, perfect for sleeping.  

It is the ahhhh when putting on these caps!   Nice feel against your head.  Machine wash gentle - a few minutes in the dryer!

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