A Cancer Patient Encouragement Inspiration Extra Large Card Gift FREE SHIPPING Hope

Hello Courage

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Don't know what to send a friend or family member going through cancer?  This is your answer.

Inexpensive yet a terrific combination card/gift for the patient with tremendous words of encouragement.   

I will mail it for you stating it is from you with FREE SHIPPING in a beautiful high quality envelope.  If you want a special message for me to include, put it in the NOTE section or send me an email at hellocourage@live.com   Open it measures 18 inches x 7.5 inches - way beyond just a greeting card.  HIGH QUALITY folder suitable for sitting on a mantle, coffee table, or end table near the patient to give them constant hope and encouragement.


Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune

without the words And never stops at all.    Emily Dickinson