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Welcome to www.hellocourage.com.   I am a Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survivor.  My mom was just diagnosed (June, 2014) with Breast Cancer.  My father died of pancreatic cancer.  I KNOW the pain of cancer, and I have felt what you are feeling.  No one can possibly know or understand unless they have been there - bald, fearful for your life, sometimes so sick you have no strength, and then some days when the sun breaks through the darkest of clouds, hope returns. 

The idea for Hello Courage came to me while I was bald.  I did an experiment.  When I wore, pretty, colorful hats and scarves I felt better, looked better and other people treated me like a "normal" person.  When I wore unappealing head wear or was sweating from my hot wig, I looked like a cancer patient, felt like a cancer patient, and other people would literally run from me!  

It is my passion to help others who find themselves on Cancer Road.   Always feel free to email me at hellocourage@live.com if you have a question or need a listening ear for help and encouragement getting through treatment. Be sure to read my Breast Cancer Blog accessible above.  I have written over 175 posts about so many aspects of cancer to help you.

YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH!   And when your hair grows back, I promise, you will never have another bad hair day again!

I appreciate your business and your trust in my SECURE Store by Shopify.  A portion of my sales goes to providing chemo caps to women who have no means to purchase them. 

Denise McCroskey, Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survivor 
       Blogger and Founder of Hello Courage