Men's Collection - Navy Blue & Gray SUPER SOFT Knit LIGHTWEIGHT - Large


$16.90 $21.90

This cap is soft, comfy and cozy.  Made of a very soft bamboo cotton knit fabric - lightweight and terrific anytime.  Also, perfect for sleeping.  Runs large - do not recommend for small heads. Fits heads 23 inches to 26 inches.- you can roll it up or down.

WORTH THE MONEY!!!  Customers rave about these - especially men!!

Nice feel against your head.  Very comforting. 

Roomy and stretchy - not confining.  

Very comforting cap!  Just got an email from John about this cap:

I've been in the hospital undergoing
an intense chemo regimen to treat acute myeloid leukemia.  
People had provided various caps and beanies, but yours is far and away
the most comfortable. I cannot get over how nice the cap feels. This is a multi shades of blue, with gray kind of horizontal lines making up the pattern.  Good looking beanie.
Thank you, Denise! 


Machine wash gentle - a few minutes in the dryer!

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