Men's Collection - 3 hats - Organic Bamboo - Beige, Light Gray, Black Size Large


$47.90 $49.90

SET OF 3 CAPS - You get 1 beige cap, 1 light gray cap, 1 black cap

Organic bamboo knit fabric so soft against the scalp! These caps are wonderful offering a lot of stretch - fits heads to 26 inches. Breathable fabric caps are not confining but are made to bring comfort with their buttery soft feel and supple fabric.  

Lightweight yet great for any climate for lounging, sleeping, or other activities. 

MADE IN USA by a cancer survivor who understands your needs.

Machine wash, a few minutes in the dryer.

Recent testimonials from customers - 

These are fantastic caps. My husband wears them constantly.  I am back for more.  Thank you for having these! 

I am on an intensive hospital stay for stem cell transplant.  These caps have been a lifesaver for me.  Thank you so much!

These are BY FAR my favorite caps.  I wear them constantly - at home, to chemo, to work, and out in my yard to avoid sunburn.  They are comforting to my scalp and look good on me -- so people tell me!  LOL!


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