Cozy Collection - 3 hats ...Organic Bamboo - Topaz, Papaya, Chestnut - Size Large


$36.90 $44.90

Size Large fits heads 22.5 inches and larger

SET OF 3 CAPS - YOU GET ALL 3 -THESE ARE THE BEST CAPS for all purpose use - lounge, home, sleep, infusion, in the car, after your wig - WHENEVER.  These are the hats that women come back and buy again and again as they are so soft and comforting!  You will be so glad you have three of them!

Organic Bamboo Cotton fabric - machine wash - hang to dry or light dryer.

You get:   1)  Topaz - gorgeous deep sea blue

                2)   Papaya - gorgeous coral color

                3)   Chestnut - a warm beige neutral

These were my favorites and my sister's favorite while going through chemo.

It is the ahhhh when putting on these caps!   Nice feel against your head.  Machine wash gentle - a few minutes in the dryer!

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