Cozy Collection - 3 hats - Black Print, Blue, Black


$36.90 $44.90


(1)  Terrific black and small print - goes with everything!  (2) Plain Black (3) Slate Blue - great with denim

Note - these are cut roomier - not recommended for small or extra small heads.

My sister recently went through Chemo for Breast Cancer.  These were her favorites.    She said they are cool, comfortable, and comforting.  I concur!  They were my favorites too!  YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED - women come back again and again for these!

I kept an extra in my car, one in my purse, and one at home.  You never know when you need a cap.  I used to wear a wig part time, but the MINUTE I got in the car I pulled off that itchy HOT wig and put on one of these caps!   Immediately I felt the, okay, I'm going to make it through this crap!!

 Made of a very soft cotton jersey knit fabric- lightweight and terrific anytime.  

Also, perfect for sleeping.  

It is the ahhhh when putting on these caps!   Nice feel against your head.  Machine wash gentle - a few minutes in the dryer!

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