Men's Collection - Gray Sweatshirt Rollup - Cotton/Bamboo Knit - #1 Men's BESTSELLER - Fall Winter


$20.90 $22.90

FREE SHIPPING - Unisex - for men (or women with larger head size).

IMAGINE wearing your most comfortable sweatshirt on your head!  That is what this cap is like!

This cap is comfy and cozy.  Made of a soft cotton knit fabric - lightweight and terrific for any season  - cool enough for summer, warm enough for winter.  Also, perfect for sleeping.  My head got so cold at night. Has an adjustable roll up.  Many of my customers lower the rollup when they are taking a nap or getting chemo so it darkens the room to let them sleep!

I get so many great comments about these hats!!   

Nice feel against your head.  Very comforting. 

Machine wash gentle - a few minutes in the dryer!

FREE SHIPPING to USA.  I ship within 24 hours.

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