Men's Collection - Gray Sweatshirt Rollup - Cotton Knit -


$23.90 $25.90

FREE SHIPPING - Unisex - for men (or women with larger head size).  

IMAGINE wearing your most comfortable sweatshirt on your head!  That is what this cap is like!  5 star rating on Amazon.

Size Large...

This cap is comfy and cozy.  Made of a soft cotton knit fabric - midweight...great for Winter!  Also, perfect for sleeping.  My head got so cold at night. Has an adjustable roll up.  Many of my customers lower the rollup when they are taking a nap or getting chemo so it darkens the room to let them sleep!

I get so many great comments about these hats!!   

Nice feel against your head.  Very comforting. 

Machine wash gentle - a few minutes in the dryer!

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