Easy Tie Collection - 26 inch ties - Spring Days


$30.90 $35.90

  • Here is what you do - slip it on - make one tie however you desire.
  • Elasticized no slippage!!  Beautiful tropical print!
  • 100% cotton - does not hold heat against your head
    • Lightweight lovely high quality fabric - great for all climates but especially warmer climates or if you get hot easily
    • Customer favorite
    • Machine Washable
  • 26" tails
  • Just tie them in the back
  • Tie off tails to one side OR
  • Wrap the tails around your head and tie them in the back
  • Breathable and exceedingly comfortable
  • Elastic in the back ensures an ease fit for small and large head

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my scarf!  Takes me less

than 30 seconds to look glamorous! 

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