A Mastectomy Lumpectomy Chemo Port Protector Pillow for the CAR - Seatbelt Cover - Pink

Breast Buddy

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 #1 Bestseller - Seat belt protector - breast surgeries, chemo ports, upper body surgeries

FREE SHIPPING - My family has had LOTS of experience with this pillow - Mastectomy for me - Lumpectomy and Mastectomy for my sister, and Lumpectomy for my mom.  This was a lifesaver for us in the car!!  This was designed by a Breast Cancer Sister who had a Mastectomy and then it was tested by many women!   Whether you are facing a Mastectomy, Lumpectomy or Reconstructive surgeries, or are facting any other kind of upper body surgery, The Chest Buddy TM formerly The Breast Buddy TM is amazing! If you have Lymphedema or need protection for your CHEMO PORT or even if you NEVER had Breast Cancer and seatbelts bother you, this is for you!  Keeps those seatbelts from choking you! WORKS like a charm! 

Works on driver's side, passenger side, or back seats! This pillow is designed to go around the seat belt to protect delicate surgery sites and prevents the seatbelt from choking you!!

From that first ride home from the hospital until ever after! 

Velcro on and off - Machine washable cover- easy on easy off - you will be amazed by this item!  Quality made and LOVELY product!  Beautiful fleece fabrics on the outside!  Lovely embroidered small pink ribbon.


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CUSTOMER COMMENTS - I don't leave home without it - thank you!  My sister LOVES the seat belt pillow.  Before this pillow she was always in pain in the car.  This not only protects my breast area, but it keeps the seatbelt from choking me.  I just had a Mastectomy - this is helping me sooo much!  Thank you!  I had a lumpectomy and this cushions the seatbelt blow!  THANK YOU, Denise!  Wow, great quality, great packaging and great product!   Thank you so much for offering this great product.  It helps me everyday!  I am an Oncology Nurse and my sister now has breast cancer.  I bought it for her.  This pillow is brilliant!  I will be telling my patients about it!  I just had a Lumpectomy.  I wore this home from the hospital and every day since!  It works great!  Thanks so much, Denise!